Gordon Parks Exhibition

 A new exhibition at The Alison Jacques Gallery in London, in collaboration with The Gordon Parks Foundation, showcases the first solo show of Gordon Parks' work in London for over 25 years. The exhibition was originally scheduled to run back in March but due to Covid-19 it was delayed and split in two parts. Part One was shown until August 8 and Part Two will be on until October 1.

Gordon Parks who was born into poverty and segregation in Kansas, USA in 1912 was the first African American staff photographer and writer for Life magazine. From the 1940s to the early 2000s, he created a powerful body of work which captured arresting scenes of discrimination, race relations and civil rights struggle. Likewise Part Two of this exhibition centres around Parks' intimate portrayal of the legendary athlete and human rights advocate Muhammad Ali. Gordon Parks photographed and profiled Ali twice for Life magazine. His moving images seem more touching and timely than ever. For further information visit www.alisonjacquesgallery.com