World of Leggings Size Chart

Size, Size, Size!!! (For Squat-Proof leggings)

I know it sounds the same as “location, location, location” when you talk about houses or apartments, well we cannot stress enough the importanc of  “size” when we are talking about leggings being squat-proof or not!

While you are trying to decide it can be frustrating to read comments about the same pair of leggings being squat-proof in some reviews while other claiming the exact oppsite. How can this happen? A large part of it has to do with size decisions you needed to take.

Choosing the right size with stretcy fabrics is extemely important if you want to feel comfortable in them with some level of modesty.
You may need to consider different aspect of the garment, as the brand name alone can not be a guarantee for squat-proof leggings. They may as well be too sheer and revealing for a simple walk in the street.  So lets take a closer look.

What we mean by Squat-Proof Leggings.
It simply means that during any sports or daily activity when we move our body in a way that stretches the fabric accross and cause the fabric be less dens in the stretched areas and cause some level of see through. This causes the leggings show the skin or any underwear worn. Needless to say most of us would prefer the opaque look so we can move with confidence and not have to be self-consious.

This is Where Right Size Leggings Matters
Fabric thickness is one contributing factor and right amount of stretch is another. Leggings’ fabric stretch level is about 30%, sometimes more sometimes less. Opaqueness may be a problem depending on how much stretch your size selection cause on the garment when you put it on. Depending on the fabric stretch performance your size selection may effect the opaquaness in different levels. It is never good to take advantage of the fabric’s strectching ablitity to the limits just because your sports leggings have room for a little more stretch in them.

What is the Right Size For Squat-Proofing Your Leggings?
You may start with the size you normally wear for any sports or stretchy bottom you feel comfortable in. But we also suggest that you check your waist and hip measurement on our guidance chart. The most important measurement is your hip measurement for picking a squat proof size for your body. As you can notice there are overlapping measurements between the main sizes. If your measurements are at the upper end of the size you are looking at consider going for one size up which will place you at the bottom part of the scale for the larger size garment. This will help you move with more confidence when you put them on.
So please feel free to check our Fitting Guidance Chart.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!!