Who we are?

Recently we have celebrated your 30th year in the garment manufacturing industry.  Business has changed drastically during all these years but certain things have always stayed the same. Not only stayed the same but by passing of time, those basic approaches has become more sought after and rarely common practice.

Since the very beginning, we always put fair trade as the ground rule for all our facilities. The heart of production starts with the motivated and attentive workers who are seen and treated as the integral part of a big family. Once this basic approach is ingrained in the organization, almost any kind of obstacle is easily overcame.

Attention to quality at every level of production has also been another basic approach for us. We have always been awarded with this understanding especially when the business is tougher than usual due to any economic reason world is going through at that time.

Our products at World of Leggings are produced with the same understanding. Produced in Turkey at our own facilities, audited and approved by independent auditors. With the help of Browzwear 3D Virtual fitting program, we make sure all sizes are perfect match for our customers. Every detail is tested and executed with great concentration in comfort and functionality.

Our design ideas are created by our team based in London. They are all sports enthusiasts with technical background about what is required for a comfortable fit and functionality for such activities.

Whole team knows that, World of Leggings exist for a good reason which is to offer our customers the advantage of manufacturing our own products at a very competitive price level, the comfort and the peace of mind knowing that every environmental challenge have been met and respected.

We do hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed the process of offering them to you today.