fasheon bags

There are so many ways to reduce the negative impact of any mundane human activity in the world against our blue planet which looks more vulnerable than ever. We are a garment manufacturer producing over a million pieces of garments every year. No matter how cost concious we are there are styles that we can not increase the productivity level of and fabric consumption and some parts of the fabrics are always left behind to be discarded, thrown away as innocent by products of a basic economic activity.

We traditionally considered this as a natural outcome of the main production but lately things has changed and with some extra labor expense we decided to put these fabrics in use as reusable fabric dust bags or shopping bags.

We are sending these bags to our customers with every purchase they made from our web site. We believe every little helps to turn around the climate change threat we are and the future generations facing. This is part of a future plan about elimitating all poyester bags usage while we are sending our product to our customers.

We hope you will enjoy using our fabric bags knowing that it is our present to you while we are together protecting our environment.


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